Data and Tools


A Stata command for calculating the Bhattacharyya Coefficient and Bhattacharyya Distance measures of distributional overlap. Install from within Stata with the command: net install bhatt.

See also: A. Bhattacharyya (1943) ‘On a measure of divergence between two statistical populations defined by their probability distributions’ Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society, 35: 99-109.


A Stata tool for corrected estimation of treatment effect models with interaction terms on the treatment variable, co-authored with Thanos Mergoupis. This command is based on the old treatreg command in Stata and has not been updated for the new teffects suite of commands.  The command still works as of Version 13. Install from within Stata with the command net install st0240.pkg, from(

See also: Graham K. Brown and Thanos Mergoupis (2011), ‘Treatment effects with nonexperimental data in Stata’, Stata Journal 11(4): 545-555.  A prepublication version is also available.

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